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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Music is What Feeling Sounds Like

Music, music, music. I got a comment asking if I could share some of my music on my blog, and I'm surprised I didn't think of doing this before. Here are just a couple of choices of what I think are the most beautiful songs I can think of at the moment in no particular order. (Warning: I tend to think sad songs are the most beautiful so I can't be held responsible for anyone feeling immediate depression after listening to any of these.)

1. It's You - Super Junior

(Warning: the English subtitles might confuse you but that's OK. They confuse everyone.)
Meet Super Junior. Once the biggest boy band in the world with thirteen members. They'll frequently appear on any song list by a K-Pop lover, and I've personally been a fan from my first foray into K-Pop. One thing that appeals to me about K-Pop (Korean pop music) is the quality of their music videos. OK, sometimes it really doesn't work but half the time they're still better than most American produced MVs. This MV is the Drama version, in which the members walk around personifying the same person with their own personal touch. I personally think that at the beginning of this video, they were left by a girl and that's when they realized that it's her, she's the one. Sigh. I'm not romantic but that always gets me.

2. One - Epik High feat. Ji Sun

This is the first music video to ever make me cry. It took me a while to even understand what was going on and piece the actual video with the subtitles. Epik High does sing in Korean but they can't be classified as K-Pop. Before they appeared, the only music the majority of Koreans listened to was slow ballads or pop music. They brought hip hop music to Korea, and made it all the better for it. Did you know rap is actually an acronym of Rhythm And Poetry? I learned that by listening to Epik High.

Even if you don't understand, just listen and try and find the English lyric translation. I promise you will be swept away. Epik High is made up of 1 creative producer and 2 rappers, one of whom graduated from Stanford with a Masters in Creative Writing and the other who was a poet before becoming part of the underground hip hop movement. They have creative credibility, not to mention that one of their albums was banned from Korea for touching on subjects like government corruption, prostitution and religion.

3. Stay - Jesse Thomas

There's something so raw about this song. First time I listened to this, I was actually angry that it was so damn short! Then I realized that that was half the charm, and so I listened to it again and again and I've yet to tire of it. (And yes this song was on Degrassi. No, I don't watch it but man, was I ever surprised when I found it the number of amazing songs that are being featured in that show.)

4. Please - Jang Jae In

I did not like Athena. But I am addicted to this song. I've loved Jang Jae In ever since I heard her voice on a Korean Idol of sorts. I can't believe she's only nineteen. I watched this video of her recording Chasing Pavements when she was seventeen and my jaw dropped. Her voice is more soulful than most English artists I've listened to. Here are the English lyrics.

5. Louder Than Thunder - The Devil Wears Prada

Gah. So. Pretty.

6. The Genius Next Door - Regina Spektor

I realize that some people might understand the appeal of Regina Spektor but her lyrics are worth the listen. She's an honest-to-God genius from the way she sings, to her composition, to the words that follow. She's the genius next door.

7. Papa, Can You Hear Me? - Lea Michele

I was close. This close to bawling. I think, despite how sad the episode was, I felt that way because this song is just so beautiful. This is the song that made me fall in love with Lea Michele separate from her character. The range that she shows, just the fact that she can whisper and still sing like that. I just can't get over how awesome sauce she is.

That's all I've got for today, but leave any kind of suggestions on what you think the most beautiful songs you've ever listened to.

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