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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Crows Zero (WATCHING)

I watched Monga and loved it. This is supposed to be the Japanese version; based on a bestselling manga called CROWS which ran from 1990 to 1998 that spawned to other sequels and essentially became the bible for the Japanese deliquent or yankee, this should be a riot.

Return of Iljimae

I've actually already started this show but I ended up stopping it because . . . now that I think about, I don't remember. Well, my recent phase of 2NE1 obsession has led me to discover that Park Sandara stars also in this show. So it's on my list!


Song Joon Ki. Acting like one of the girls. Cutest thing on the show. Main lead actress=short hair and petite. First meeting with main lead actor=walks out of an elevator and ignores him. All listed above=win. (Once again thanks to darkeyedwolf)

Tokujo Kabachi

Horikita Maki as a former delinquint WHO SMOKES. If you didn't get that the first time this is the girl who played Nobuta and Mizuki smoking and acting like she's IT. I was sold the moment this told me.


Because apparently Anami Yuki can destroy everyone with the mere power of her glare. And her team includes Toda Erika pre-SPEC days, acting like Toma Saya's younger sister, a well-connected, gay yakuza obsessed with designer clothes, a weird boyish new guy and an old man who was once a fine cop but now forgets his backpack and sees butterflies and rainbows at any place and time. Pure Win.

The Mentalist Season 3 (WATCHING)

Off to catch Van Pelt

I'm an idiot and completely forgot about this after the last school year started + even more irresponsible Jane + (mild spoiler) less of Kristina Frye (I hated that woman with more of a passion than Jane did and not just because she got in the way of our OTP)


God, I loved this show. It should be a standard for all children's shows. (That and Arthur)

Original Sailor Moon (WATCHING)

I've been meaning to watch this after I recently read this post by a blogger about how the North American distributor butchered the show. I already knew (after watching the fourth season) that it was a lot more mature than the distributors had made them to be but rated for older teens? I have to see if they really accomplished that. (It's sad also that the butchered version is still a thousand times better than anything on children's TV now.)

True Blood Season 4


Premiering June 26! This show may be bashed by some but adored by others but no one can deny the absolute awesomeness of this guilty pleasure!

The Game of Thrones

Heard spectacular things about it ... and then some. Then again, they did say it was Lord of the Rings - without special effects and you know, acting can compensate for that, right? Right?

White Collar Season 2

I love Matt Bomer. Not just a pretty face; Traveler was amazing before they canceled. Tim DeKay was the reason why I tuned into the first season before I knew about Bomer.

That all said, I've yet to even finish my other rounds. I need to organize my priorities. As usual. Sigh.

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