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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hear ye, hear ye!

I am on a roll!

OK so I've put aside the upcoming Jane Eyre post for reading and reviewing but for the most part, it's because I've been reading so ridiculously good books. I just finished Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor which has to be a collection of the best stories on fairies I have ever read, let alone that they're four times smaller than your average book store one. I'm working on Ash which just makes me drool with envy on Lo's incredible prose-writing skills. Once I'm done that I have two more books to add to my large list:

Now these books are on the opposite side of the book spectrum in my mind. I had actual fury burning inside me when I realized I had finished The Demon's Lexicon. I couldn't believe it. If I had not been reading the electronic version I would've flung the book against the wall in blind rage then spent the night cuddling with it apologetically, re-reading every word. Ahem. On Crusade, I've heard some bad things and some good things mixed in together. One: That Holder's created an original world and the potential for original characters and two: that it's just that. She had the potential but didn't make it. But I'm a sucker for originality in this world lacking of creativity so I'm walling myself against the crushing disappointment that has led me against reading uberpopular "original" paranormal books.

Along with these books I am going to brave this long holiday with the other five I have on my list. Strangely, the ones I have so far finished are all fairytales or stories with a dash of fey thrown in. Or maybe not because I have been itching to read these!

Also I have been addicted to this song. I think iTunes has it wrong because I am so positive that the play count is above 50.

I'm wishing you all a Happy Easter and if you don't celebrate it, just go out and party like it's Christmas holiday. Cause we all know how long this one lasts.


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